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Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park is a unique and beautiful amenity of the Tarrington Community.

Below is information specific to the registration process related to the canoe and kayak storage racks (berths) located at the Tarrington River Front Park.

Currently we have 72 berths constructed and available for canoe/kayak storage at the Tarrington River Front Park. It is undetermined at this time if future berths will be created. The decision has been made to have residents register for berth positions. This is being done to have contact information in case the River Front Park Committee needs to communicate information about issues or events (ex. potential river flooding) and to ensure that only Tarrington residents are using the berths. Additionally, the decision has been made to charge a nominal registration fee of $25 per year to help cover costs associated with berth maintenance, park maintenance and future improvements.

1)     If you are currently using a berth at the Tarrington River Front Park:
Please contact tarringtonclub@gmail.com to complete the registration process. You will need to have the current berth position number you are using. It is asked that current rack users please register their berth position by Monday 5/13/2019.

2)If you are not currently using a berth position but would like one:
Please contact tarringtonclub@gmail.com to register for a berth.

3)If you have a berth and have decided not to use please remove your canoe or kayak before 5/17/19. All unregistered canoes will be removed on 5/18/19.

4)If more residents register for berths than the 72 berths available:
It has been decided that if more residents would like berths than there are berths available, an annual lottery will be held. This situation will be evaluated after the close of current registration on Monday 5/13/19 and registration deadlines in future years. If a lottery is determined to be needed, a random drawing of residents would be conducted and assigned berth positions.

5/13/2019, Registration deadline for existing and new berth positions.

5/18/19 Removal of all canoe and kayaks not registered.

5/19/2019, Lottery to be held (if needed) at the clubhouse and communication out to those that participated.

06/15/2019, $25 registration fee due to HOA.

Thanks and Best Regards,
The Tarrington Home Owners Association and the Tarrington River Front Park Committee

Important Information

Hours: dawn to dusk