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Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park is a unique and beautiful amenity of the Tarrington Community.

Below is information specific to the registration process related to the canoe and kayak storage racks (berths) located at the Tarrington River Front Park.

The Tarrington HOA has 72 canoe and kayak storage racks (berths) at the HOA’s private Tarrington Riverfront Park. In 2019, 51 of the berths were reserved with a paid $25 registration fee. The flat fee of $25, which is not pro-rated, will remain unchanged for 2020. Registration is required so that the Association has contact information to communicate necessary issues and to ensure that only Tarrington residents who are in good standing are using the berths.

Please be aware that all berth holders will be required to remove their kayaks for approximately a one-month period next winter (sometime after November 2020) in order for the HOA to stain and seal the kayak racks. Unregistered or unpaid kayaks will be considered abandoned and will be removed by the HOA.

If you have not done so already, in order to register for 2020, please contact Melody Braithwaite or Lesley Reed at the Tarrington Clubhouse at [email protected] or 804-897-3863. They will confirm your contact information, berth number, and collect a $25 check. If you are not currently using a berth, but would like to register for one, Melody or Lesley will let you know which berths are available.

We hope to have all interested users register and pay for their berth by Monday, February 3, 2020. Unregistered canoes and kayaks are locked by the HOA, pending registration and payment or removal of the watercraft. Kayaks and canoes not registered or removed by November 2020 will have to be treated as abandoned property in order to complete the needed staining and sealing process.

Berth availability is not guaranteed. If resident demand for berths exceeds the number of berths available, the situation will be evaluated after the close of current registration on Monday, February 3, 2020. If needed, a random drawing of all interested registrants may be conducted to allocate berth availability.

Please reach out to the clubhouse staff with any questions.

Important Information

Hours: dawn to dusk